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5 – 3 Strikes

5 – 3 Strikes

The usual Shitbirds watched a movie that doesn’t make a single baseball joke. That movie is “3 Strikes”

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Time Machine 6

: Today’s journey in the Time Machine lets you know that some guys still call people “Spades” in the past and celebrate May 4th in the future by reviewing our first Made-for-TV movie: “An Ewok Adventure”

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6 – Double Team

6 – Double Team

“Flying, Tiger, and a Fair. Oh Why? God, Why?!” We have so many feelings about this 90 minute film, we spend 3 hours talking about 80’s comedian Gallagher, Home Alone-style assault, and take a guess at what happened between takes.

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Time Machine 4

This Time we correct mistakes made in Episode 4 “Heart Condition” and tell you about the “3 Strikes” rule. Like, how it’s our next episode and how it probably won’t rule. or

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4 – Heart Condition

4 – Heart Condition

We watched a movie so bad it gave us a “Heart Condition” (1990) and instead we talked about Walt Disney, Nazis, and Bobcat Goldthwait. If you have a blog on tumblr, follow us.

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Time Machine 3

We travel to the past to fix things in “Virus” and let you know about our future “Heart Condition”.

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Time Machine 2

Update episode 2.5: We correct things from episode 2, Santa’s Slay, and let you in on the secrets of our next review; like how it’s the 1999 film Virus staring Jamie Lee Curtis.

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2 – Santa’s Slay

2 – Santa’s Slay

We got a little drunk and talked about the 2005 Black Comedy/Horror “Santa’s Slay” staring Bill Goldberg. We don’t laugh and we aren’t horrified, but we enjoy it all the same.

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1 – Jack and Jill

1 – Jack and Jill

We watched Jack and Jill.

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Time Machine #1

We go from Past to Future detailing the mistakes made in the last review, Jack and Jill, and informing you of our next review: “Santa’s Slay”

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