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There I go… dreaming about hats again…

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On Sunday I shall launch an online fundraiser for producer status on my next underground comedy/horror called ASSAULT ON THE SNAKEMEN. As long as filming our second scene on Saturday goes well… join us…won’t you..


Bad movie I have The Ghost and Mrs.Muir 1947



Bad movie I have Ghost World 2001


A double bill that totally melts the brain. 

DEATHSTALKER 4 and Princess Warrior 

I am a fan of cheesy 80s cheap sword and sandals , wizard and warriors Conan fodder, yes I meant to say Conan. Deathstalker is legendary. But we are talking about DEATHSTALKER 4! The first one be it light it is serious about being a sword and sandals barbarian flick and the sequel all be it a full on spoof of itself is legit entertainment. After avoiding it for sometime I felt the new to finally watch Deathstalker 4. In the previous 3 the actor that played Deathstalker changed each time into more tv pretty boy looking guys so I was excited to see the original actor come back… but something was up. It says it was made 8 years later but I question that. I feel this was a never finished sequel or just another barbarian movie that actor Richard Hill did only a few years after the original and just said fuck it I don’t want to finish it. The amount of flashbacks to the first movie to fill in time and the overdubbed with different voiced to make the plot work , including dubbing over characters to make them say the name Deathstalker is pretty god down hard to ignore. The other Deathstalker sequels were infamous for using quick cut pieces to fill in those films too, but part 4 uses wholes scenes re- narrated. I mean it’s all the basic cheap conan rip off fun you usually get from a Deathstalker , Beastmaster or Sword and Sorceress movie but its pretty disjointed and kinda weak even for those. It does have a cool evil princess that turns men to stone and b movie infamous Maria Ford before her plastic surgery completely turned her into a robot fetish doll, but you can tell she is on the way there.

Look at that cat man.. meeeow!

The next flick was Princess Warrior which I had seen the cover floating around for a while but never looked it up because I figure it was just like the many female conan rip offs like Barbarian Queen or Amazon Warriors … you know cheap but still a forest and castle sword and warrior flick…. umm nope.. I was really wrong.  We start out meeting the Princess Warrior and her soldiers in combat on their home planet Vulkaria , which is obviously an empty warehouse made to look like a tin foil space base. In costumes that you would by from the Spirit of Halloween shop under the name “Sexy Space Babe”. The princess escapes battle by teleporting to earth but to use the teleporter she must take her clothes off first. Her evil sister follows with her henchmen as they all land naked in a wet t shirt contest in what seems like Brooklyn New York.  After a long dragged out scene of watching the other wet t shirt girls dance the warrior women battle each other and all the gawking men, some with the names Vito and Vinnie. Wait a minute this is just a shot on video sex comedy … what the heck… bad sound cheap home made flick with busty blonde girls with 1989 mullets beating up guys and each other. A guy who works at the club simply called Bob falls in love with the princess after she gets him beat up a few times and they live happily ever after. The second time the princess gets naked they blur her boobs.. I think they were on such a budget and the actress said thats too much of my boobs blur  that one scene or i wont sign off on this. Wow just wow.  Let me add in that the princess is called Ovule and one the other space women is called Bullemia (thats how they spell it). So just let that sink in when you try sense the fill of this.

So let me meditate on this and cleanse my mind of these two very bad barbarian flick… if you can call them that.

Just resharing since it was posted at 2 am.. and I think more people need to be warned about these two bad movies lol.. and cause I have not watched anything yet tonight

Bad movie I have Blockers 2018