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The Blood in the Snow Film festival starts on the 21st at the Royal in Toronto (very suiting since we have snow) . A genre film festival with Canadian twists. On the opening night they are playing something that has me very curious so I will for sure be checking it out. A movie called Puppet Killer . Makes my Moopet Pastor heart film warm and fuzzy. SO I will be there seeing if the felt hits the fan and of course so should you. Its involved in the festival opening. Heres a link to the event , check out their website and FB group for more info on the festival. I need more killer puppets in my life.



while walking Nuit Blanche come to The Collective in China Town for our Wrestling art show 9pm to late This Saturday

Wrasslin art show and fans swap meet OCT 5 th in Toronto at Collective 389 Spadina . Checking on @collectiveto on instagram or the geek swappers group on facebook for details

Part 3 in 2020… i dig that slogan…

Msg me if you know anyone that would like their film in this festival for Toronto weirdos to see 

Its gonna be a slobber knocker

Sadly I am broker than broke so I can not do aaannnnything this whole week.  (thats what ya get when you give money and time away siiigh…) BUT for the rest of you you should all go to these two screening and think of me while you are there. tomorrow is VELOCIPASTOR at the grand gerard then on Thursday you should all go see THINGS at the Royal…hen Drunken Cinema at the Revue on Saturday have fun.. don’t forget me!