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The amazing 5 dollar incentive for Assault on the Snakemen… HERE IS THE Deal all mentioned love aaand 15 seconds of the cheesiest effects in the movie… hehehehe…. grab it now!

FUNDRAISING FOR ASSAULT ON THE SNAKEMEN. Donate 35 Canadian smackeroos to my payhip account (cause kickstarers and indiegogos are so lame and last week) and you become a co producer of the film instantly to our latest cheese a rama hilarious backyard movie. You get Imdb credit, film credits, T shirt
a personalised dvd and free entry
to all 2020 Riotatthemovies movie
nights at eyesore.
AND name a random snakeman soldier.. there are random thugs but you can give one a name for the credits, if we really like it we will find a way for someone to say it in the movie.
Make sure I have your address, shirt size and how you want your name to appear.
Also we will post a personal thank you video online filmed during production.
If you’re not local to show up at events I will add some surprises in with the t shirt and dvd in the mail.
Also expect some other random things when we release the movie online and screen it in Toronto around Christmas.  Expect all to be in motion and stuff mailed out at the end of December. Donate to this link. 

Most you dear friends are already involved in this madness and this fundraising is basically to get you guys fed on set and help get movie out there when its finished. We make zero budget movies on our creativity and wackiness so this does not actually go to production (we got that)Share this though so we can all eat more pizza and be more weird… huzzah

So have you watched Moopet Pastor yet? Do you hate yourself or me yet? 

Over the weekend of films the awards of the DUMBTASTIC AWAY goes to CAMP DEATH 3 in 2D which was early on for a small crowd but those there seemed blown away by its shocking absurdity. One audience member said it felt like  Alejandro Jodorowsky joined up with Tex Avery and made a Friday the 13th sequel.  The basic plot is a slasher that losts its parts 1 and 2 lost in its own bizarre gags and cartoon humor and logic piling up jokes that is willing to insult everyone equally. Imagine if an 80s kids show made a slasher and adult swim writers added in the rude language. Imagine a hipster improve team was given hard drugs. The movie does admit it is stupid… and it is. 

Go review them on Amazon Prime and tell them they won the Dumbtastic award from the Terrible Two Fest Toronto!


The Shocktastic award went to House Shark. A phantom shark haunts a mans house as a very odd cast of characters form an unusual bound to go into the house and hunt the mysterious shark down. In what ended up being a spoof of the Shark genre in totally making it necessary to ever watch another shark movie again. I was sure it was going to be Clownado and it came a close runner up with a lot of first timers in the audience,  However Ron Bonk of House Shark wins the award for the second year in a row. At almost 2 hours I thought it would be too long for most people but the responses were very positive and the laughs kept rolling. One audience member said it was “Charmingly rude”. Order your copy of the DVD from SRS Cinema now!


Thanks to the awesome people that shared my event page… the small few of the awesome.. thats who you are… yes, you are the awesome people 🙂

So over the years I have written hundreds of bad movies reviews. As well as 4 full day real time review marathons. Many zines and even published 2 books just on mini funny reviews of bad movies. Lately I have not been up to par though. Slow and sluggish which I know will keep up. So for people just joining me from other worlds I have compiled  the reviews I have done over this month at least right here in links. So you can find them quickly amongst all my other picture posts of nonsense. Those not familiar with my writing style , I write as if I am talking to you and you are my buddy. Cause watching bad movies with your friends makes it even better. I don’t judge the movie for being good or bad (unless it is really obvious) and I just won’t even write about a month I don’t care about. I just write about how the movie felt, usually writing as I am watching it so you get a few of my reactions in there. Aaaannyways here is the last month of reviews… check out my archives for literally 6 years of this bullshit. Thanks… unpleasant dreams.  Click the links to read the awful reviews on basically awful movies. 


EDIT: I added a mini archive on the main page… will give you the most recent 15 or show reviews.. check it out !

Austin the great just sent me an updated photo as at the end of yesterday the toy drive box was filled even more than when I took my picture. Great stuff guys. I will be picking the box up tomorrow on my way home from the TWO FRONT TEETH screening at 8 30 tomorrow! Big thanks again to Austin Mombourquette and Alex MacLeod and Isor Sinyma, Ian and Squishy and all those people who worried they could not afford to help but ended up giving something despite the odds. I hope I didn’t pressure you guys too much, you are all beautiful peoples. Farside and Handlebar always collected socks and mittens and hats for camh and other charities as well so I wanna give a shout out to them too as they may still be collecting for that as well.

When I do events I dont get paid I just want people to have a fun place to do things that I to might enjoy so if we can give to others during it all the better. I was worried it wouldnt fill, but you guys showed me how awesome you are and we are gonna make some needy peeps happy this Christmas. 

 Once more.. Thank you freaks and geeks you are beautiful!

Gonna be a great way to end this little adventure 🙂 And on to Riot at the movies twisted madness for 2019

Thanks to everyone that came out. Even to the 5 people that came for the freebie Feeders 2 and left after that. Hey its X mas I wanted to give everything away. Join my Riot at the Movie group if you have not as that helps me promote more stuff for 2019. Thanks to everyone that gave toys and bought raffle tickets. You guys freakin’ rule! For a second I was worried the toy drive would fumble but in the last few hours of today it exploded from you guys and some people that just stopped by and said they couldn’t stay for the movie but they wanted to help the kids. So fucking thank you guys all soooooo much .
El Santo Claus is very happy to help and take those toys and bring them to kids in need along with the help of the city fire department.
Hope we see you guys on Jan 9th for Cemetery Gates. It will be a “bring a friend event” so if you pay the toonie entrance and say “I brought a friend” that friend gets in for free. Feel that sweet power in the new year 🙂

At every event I do I let some guy not pay or sneak off with too many of the free stuff or they rip us off.. or they come and don’t help any of the charity they just take all the free stuff and free entertainment then leave. It urks me but not for long… cause I don’t care about those people. Fuck em. I am not in this for any profit. In truth I lose money on EVERY event. I do it to make a family of people that like to hang out and support each other. You know who those people are, the familiar faces, the smiles, the thanks yous, the ones that take part.  If you guys keep returning it makes it all worthwhile. You don’t have to always be as amazing as you were like tonight for the kids charities and helping out.. but Thank you still from the bottom of my cold delivish heart. Riot at the movies and Terrible toonie Tuesday and Geek swappers survives because of you guys. The rest of yall who just want to make money or get stuff or want to troll and bash stuff cause you are a nerd. I hope you get coal. Cause of the rest of us need nothing, we already got the best gift of all, hearts and laughter!

Holiday fundraiser 55 cents Canadian on your paypal buddy! This is a mini archive of Riots last bad movie reviews and posts before his blog would shut down in a co protest against censoring and selling out. Underground DIY movies for life. The 50 cents you paid to download this zine of rude drunken rambling on bad movies goes to the christmas toy drive Riot has been running already in progress at the eyesore cinema seasonal movie screenings. Also comes with an E copy of Riots second book Bad movies and booze. Just available until the blog shuts down on new years day. Yeesss I know protests like that are usually more self harming then positive. But it is really just an excuse for me to be reborn in a new better way. We will see you all again soon my freaky friends. 

Thanks again.

Only 55 cents on your pay pal goes to the charity and you get the Zine recap and my second book… boooya

Both the 2018 recap Zine and the Bad movies and booze book come in Epub file and simple txt and picture document for your easy reading. Have a laugh for the holidays.

This is the only article that will appear on my page on the 17th cause I am a trouble making asshat.  

I will remain on tumblr but eventually it will be a ghost town and a lack of fun. IF eventually they boot me or it is just all over you can always find me on facebook. Look for the group “RIOT AT THE MOVIES BMST3K “ where i will always put my gorey sleazy drunken nasty bad movie reviews up on a regular basis.  I have always copied and pasted stuff there for the adults too old for tumblr and if need be i will write them directly there too. Backing up stuff but luckily my best of stuff is in my books.. cough cough.. buy em. Again if anyone leaves here including me find my group on Facebook and I will still be there for you twisted weird needs