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A little labour day shameless self promotion… 

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rattles bones and shakes a cup full of nickels… 

b movies 4 life

7 movies chosen by my blog readers and those that have downloaded my e books. This is the 4th year in the row i have let the online audience choose what awful things I watch.  Normally it was classic B movies or so bad they are good movies but eventually fans caught on that i enjoyed those movies too much so they challenge me harder with more painful just shit movies to watch. Normally made people donate to my blog to place a request cause this was not easy to go back to back and write about these awful movies. But i am a movie sadist so i did it for free this year, only rule is it has to be movies I have not seen. So a lot of the choices I had to say no too. 

Tumblr user @nerfect asked me to watch For your height only or impossible kid but of course I have seen both sooo I am going to watch For your height only tonight to pre hype my self. 

Tomorrows back to back pain a thon will be this…

1 Bob who follows my riot at the movies facebook page said Titanic just to be a jerk they he said he felt bad so he chose Double Team which I have seen both ssoo I am mixing it together and watching the recent b movie Titanic 2 made in 2010. Wish me luck.

2 Hilarious b movie director Richard Mogg of massage parlour of death and bigfoot eat my boyfriend requested I was the 1983 skin comedy Spring Break directed by the guy that brought us Friday the 13th Sean Cunningham.

3  A mystery tumblr message said choose a Sasquatch film i have not seen .. i thank them cause they know how beloved bigfoot is to me.. so I choose ASSAULT of the SASQUATCH (2009)

4 The legendary Buni Hiro chose the lindsay lohan ghost thriller I KNOW WHO KILLED ME…. i know i should be scared.

5 oddball Robert Hoffman chose a groovy 1968 flick also bigfoot/swamp thing styled called The Monster and the Stripper aka the Exotic Ones

6 Another mystery tumblr post for the Ed Wood Written Orgy of the Dead which i am amazed i never took the time to watch this swingin monster mash before. Wonder if its as good as the book. I look at clips all the time but I will finally do all the stupid movie.

7 was a choice made by a random walk through customer at Eyesore Cinema I said point to the wall of what should be in my pain a thon and they pointed at Amityville Curse.. you know a random Amityville sequel is gonna be harsh…  Luckily friends sending me copies, eyesore cinemas stalk and tubi tv i could find these and will venture all in tomorrow.. wish me luck, follow the post, feel me to pay pal me pizza as i have the weekend to myself so I am diving right into hell. 

Last night I watch Hotel Inferno.. speaking of hell.. maybe I will post a review of that later tonight , wow what a stinker way to start this marathon… i love it  . Starts tomorrow at noon, feel free to like and share download the NEW E book now for 2 dollars until July 10th… ddooooo it

Ok folks here it is one last post before bed … its the the beta of my second book on bad movies. Now for you to download and own for only 3 dollar canadian.. the cheap dollars. Read it where ever you go.. 69 pages of the cheesiest weirdest movies ever and a few themed drink cocktails that you can drink along with these already mind numbing movies

Watch and share now… thanks