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A Thank you and a plea for the Toronto Toy Dri…

HEY GUYS !!! Since I have slowed down on events I need a reason to do a toy drive like I do every year with the geek swap donations. SOOOO I ask you big kids to help out the little kids. From Dec 1st (the community driven sale at Eyesore) Till Dec 11th (my next movie party) You can drop off Unopened toys to Eyesore Cinema and put them in the donation box. After the 11 days I will donate the load to the Toronto Firehall toy drive for kids (or whatever they call it).
Come say hi at this event that starts it up, buy some wacky stuff from the vendors and I am bringing back the apple cider cheer like at the halloween party 🙂

SO ANYWAYS … In Toronto go to Eyesore Cinema from Dec 1st until the 11th and drop off a unopened unwrapped toy for our Kids Toy Drive! BE a geek not a grinch!  Follow the opening event on facebook here.

And here is a little video I made so you can see my haggard face asking for good tidings … and so I can personally say thank you as well.



Watching this vhs tape feature two episodes of…

Watching this vhs tape feature two episodes of SECRETS OF THE UNKNOWN!

Also known as Secrets and Mysteries in some vhs released.

A show hosted by Knight Riders Edward Mulhare who plays his role as narrator and host extremely seriously as he host a series of reenactments of some extremely hokey stories. Imagine unsolved mysteries on drugs. 

Edward Mulhare hosts the episodes from a ridiculous secret base that has super computers that keep track of all the worlds secrets. We then cut to the most hillbilly or white trash people being interviews about the time they met Sasquatch or how they live their day to day life as a modern witch. All facts very bias by 80s white Americans. The best part is that neither Edward Mulhare or the interviewed witnesses ever seem to have any doubt and make all their references to be complete fact instead of a maybe. Which is why in the end credit a voice over states how this is only one side of an opinion and should not be used to change anyone’s minds. Playing safe their huh guys.

The witches are specifically funny as you know every hippie is that way but at least most of the hippies you know just admit its to feel good and not because they were scorn by society. 

Extra special is the Sasquatch segment because the hillbillies are amazing. So amazing how question if they are just straight out actors, cause they are too good. Also Edward Mulhare has the funniest way of saying SAS – QUATCH.

80s television propaganda light on vhs, they way it was meant to be.

This tape was given to me by the criss cross duo that come to my geek swap events maybe two halloweens ago. I am pretty lucky to have odd friends like them since they knew I needed this tape in my life. So I make sure to give it a view every October since and hope to keep it a tradition. You know following tradition just with a witches coven.

Here is the Bigfoot episode for you to all enjoy …

Tonights Screening at Eyesore adds to the 31 D…

Tonights Screening at Eyesore adds to the 31 DAYS OF HALLOWEENERS!


A Japanese haunted house flick that has some very pleasant surprises.

It was in a co promotion with a video game of the same name in the same year that has ties to the people who would later bring us Resident Evil.

Because of this fact I was expecting some very wacky ghost hijinks but that is not the fact. Definitely inspired by many western ghost stories and films. While still having many heaven and hell references in both eastern and western culture references this film was definitely inspired by Poltergeist. Small and sweet and first with some lightly humorous characters soons turns to some very epic magical horror. The blowing winds and bright lights with warped ghostly images while a young daughters life being pulled over to the otherside…you know like in Poltergeist.  Director Kiyosi Kurosawa tends to lead towards bleeding dark shadows and distorted red lights instead Tobe Hooper’s go to electric blue lights. The premise of the film also feels a little ahead of its time as a film crew enter a haunted house just to film the old paintings and relics in the mansion but eventually get attacked by a vicious dark and somewhat faceless presence in the house. The film crews producer Mr Kazou has brought his daughter Emi with him to the mansion. Emi is determined to hook up her widower father with the film crews co producer Akiko. Akiko and Emi are very strong female leads that really are all you need in this movie however with a small cast each character feels like they have a place and are very easy to relate to.

It starts off very slow but when it kicks it and the first victims are taken its so intense a scene that you are thrown right out of your seat. A slightly spoiler but the victims of the evil shadowy poltergeists must go through a burning that symbolises the tortue the spirits went through. So the victims bubbles and burn to even over flow like lava from their bodies, which is shockingly gorey for such a literally happy fantasy of a movie. There is a huge animatronic ghost later in the movie that by today’s snobby film nerd will either feel like a giant muppet to you or will feel much more tangible then a cgi effect would do today. If you are like me you will be refreshed by this practical effect movie. Simple effects of moving shadows that make the wall crawling ghost of movies like Frighteners seen weak on comparison.  

All in all Sweet Home is a underappreciated gimmick of a film that mixes western and eastern haunted imagery with incredible practical effects and it is a shame that it does not get talked about anywhere near enough.

Great screening with a small crowd again tonight but I hope we see you all on video store day this freakin Saturday!!!

31 days of HALLOWEENERS!

31 days of HALLOWEENERS!

Night of the Comet (1984)

Spend every day like the Night of the Comet . Be friends with who you meet cause they may be the last people you meet then spend the rest of the time wrecking the mall and shooting random cars cause fuck it why not.

All the classic tropes of Last Man on Earth, Dawn of the Dead, I am Legend and so on. Coming years before Shaun of the Dead is a movie about real average people that wake up one day and the whole world is dead and some are zombies. All because they stared at a comet as it came over town.

The difference with this and many of the zombie movies is the zombies are barely in it. Most die on their own right away. It’s much more like everyone is just dying. Fearing zombies or crazies is totally secondary in this movie. So sorry gore hounds there isn’t really any gore, but its not boring. Just a lighter kind of movie. Light for the end of the world at least.


The cast is excellent most already known genre stars like Mary Woronov and many faces that would become known.  Like Alison from Chopping Mall (who is freakin adorable), Chakotay from Voyager and that little girl from Mr Ts Be Somebody or be somebody’s fool. (brilliant)

Very 80s in the era of American mall culture that will seem unreliable on today’s culture. However if you woke up tomorrow and you were one of only a few people left in the world I think culture would start meaning whatever you wanted it to mean real soon.

My earliest review in weeks and it has Night in the title… ironic?

31 days of Halloweeners

31 days of Halloweeners

The Gate (1987)

The amazing era where children could safely watch a legit horror film with out being screwed up and also not being talked down to either. As enjoyable now as it was then. If you are playing by any of the 31 days of horror category games this fits in to many fields , many of the horror games add options as Creature Feature , cause the monsters in this are awesome from ghouly little goblins to demonic dragons. Also fits in as a great childhood memory cause I am sure we all miss the days when kids could swear and be in real danger in a horror film. ALso for Canadian this fits in the Cancon section. Film in Canada with most of the cast being Canadian , except the main star a tiny Stephen Dorff and the director Tibor Takacs was born in Budapest but his whole career has been living in Canada. Its high fantasy meets poltergeist. Kids open up a portal to hell in the back yard when misreading a cursed record, look for the reference to the metal band the Killer Dwarves. The kids spend the night at home alone while their parents are away and now the house is haunted… by demons!  It is super rare that a movie can be charming, sweet and safe while also legit scary. Many jump and gore “ish” gags are on par with the competition back then like Nightmare on Elm Street, House, a little junior Hellraiser and hell even some Beyond style atmosphere.   From scene with melting phones to melting faces or scenes like a kid stuck in a hole with little goblins that are not attack him but instead just being creepy. To a man that explodes into little demons….


Anyways if you did not grow up with this movie I am sorry but you have to accept you will be jaded from enjoying “Fun” horror . I feel for people that grew up only with cynical late 70s or late 90s horror and they think the Gate is too silly and childish. To that I say you just don’t know fun if it bit you in the ass and curses you to turn into a goblin.

Also stop and think that the innocent star of this movie,13 year old Stephen Dorff, would grow up and become the blood god super Vampire to fight Blade and turn into a blood hurricane. Just dwell on that.



Keeping with the Scream Queen slasher flicks we go back to the 80s where the genre was still fun and not totally ironic. Well actually we just missed the 80s and its 1990. So the irony is starting to happen and self homaging is starting already but its still pretty fun. Gorgeous girls only ruined by their 80s big hair dues and jerk guys just waiting to get killed by both a on the run criminal and a monster in the woods. Teenagers played by 30 year olds go to a cabin and eventually after a lot of padding are going to die. After they either drink or shower and random cops pretend there is a sub plot. 

Actually the whole creature being from hell element with some magically Satanic cave element is super confusing but who cares it’s a monster from Satan so that is hilariously cool. What is important is Boobs and some blood and true sleaze sarcastic horror cliche characters. Filmed close to the quality and style of man lower level slasher of the time like Sorority and Slumber party massacre but still a little cheap as all the sound was done in post. So lots of shots of actors from the side so you cant see them talking as they knew it was all going to be dubbed. Lots of funny scenes that may have been boring padding at the time but comes off funny to people like me now due to the cliche and obvious tactics in hindsight. When your opening scene is a cute girl on her bike distracting cops as a chain gang go rogue and kill people which cuts to the hilarious title and showing the first actresses name of Debra Dutch.. you know you got scream queen quality coming up. Debra has done a lot of stuff but best is Hard to Die.. a true scream queen masterpiece of schlock and roll. If you don’t know that movie we must not have met… cause i talk about it a lot.


Cheese factor heavy… script factor low.. confusing level very high… sleaze just right

Takes a long time to get into the slashing but until then you watch a lot of overcompensating yet completely unironic B movie characters and for me at this thats half the journey. 

Ok tomorrow I think I need to mix it up with the genre, if I’m not careful I am gonna go blind or something

31 days of Halloweeners!

31 days of Halloweeners!

Open House (1987)

An 80s slasher that I have not seen before, I am shocked. And it was a lot of fun. I would put it there with Deathspa and Aerobicide. Rich yuppie Americans are getting killed and the theme is they get killed at the time they are about to buy a brand new swanky house. It’s not a haunted house as its happening at prime real estate locations all over the area.  As this is happening a radio therapist is getting creepy calls connected to the murders and is starting to lose his cool. 

Adrienne Barbeau plays a real estate agent who is dating the radio talk show therapist so maybe they are connected to these murders than they know.  

What is super odd of this movie is the kill scenes. They are as insane , gory and cheesy as the more schlocky horror films in my collection. A creepy giggling killer that uses some weird weapons and whose face we don’t see but his gross dirty fingers we do see. 

However the scenes that are about the therapists, the investigating cops and connecting characters are all played straight and oddly dry. Shot and performed with the same mix of seriousness and light hearted at the same time that looks a lot like many prime time tv shows of the time. Shows like say Magnum PI or Knight Rider. Very PG and simple relatable. Until we meet the red herring characters. The characters they hope you will feel is the killer. These characters are outlandish and so unrelatable that they obviously can not be the killer. Like the random callers that tell the radio therapist how they feel about the murders or the evil realestate man thats being a jerk to all the other ones. His scenes look like something out of a Troma Comedy. Very odd. Regardless to these dumb character and kind of boring serious scenes stick around for the killing scenes that I swear were filmed for a different movie.

When I first heard of this film eons ago I mixed this up with the shot on video cheese magic known as Boarding House . So I was expecting a very cheap exploitative slasher. Which I got but not looking This is shot very mainstream american professional but it is very schizophrenic. I am going to bet it was a real bitch in the editing room for this nonsense. Is it a mainstream thriller or a freakin’ nasty slasher that wants to flash around some misogyny and other shock tactics.  I am not surprised this is a forgotten slasher but in the world where Silent Madness, Blood Rage, The Mutilator or Slaughterhouse exist in my collection this fits in just right.

31 days of Halloweeners

Shoutfactory tv just added the cinematic titanic version of this.. and I have never seen it.. so thats my deadly dinner for tonight. Vampires from the philippines playing vampires from mexico. Sounds like my kinda thing.

Blood of the Vampire (1966)

An UN classic


31 days of halloweeners

I watch horror in some shape or form 100 times a day but tonight’s specific pick for the 31 days of Halloween is Mike Mendez’s amazing ripoff of Night of the Demons known as The Convent! Rarely is a movie this funny that I can totally look passed it just being a rip off of one of my already favorite movies. Mendez makes silly movies but he deserves more props than he gets.  

Adrienne Barbeau on a motorcycle.. check

Demonic Nuns.. check

And opening scene of shotgun wielding chick versus nuns.. check

Other than that the goth girl Mo was the cutest thing like ever and the guy up front in this picture was internet famous for that video “Oh my god shoes” … just sayin