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The Dark Power (1987)

  A lazy review tonight of a movie I reviewed in my first published book of bad movie reviews. Dark Power has college kids getting attacked by a group of zombies of the Tolteks native tribe, who look like they should team up with the Neon Maniacs. Im watching on Riff Trax because I have a head ache and riff trax is like lube for badmovies. Who I I kidding, I love this awful movie.

Here’s what I said in my book (a shameless plug for it’s available on Amazon called The Weird Book of Bad Movies )


The Dark Power: A weird little movie made for no money in the 80s with a guest appearance of classic western actor Lash La Rue, drunkenly mumbling his way through his lines. A group of college kids share a house that is built on an Indian burial ground (yep I know you’ve heard that one before). A good portion of the film is getting to know the dorky crew that live in the house and the weird people in the town. That goes on for so long you almost forget that.. yes.. this is a zombie monster movie. The spirits of the Shamans buried near by rise from the graves, each with their own weird and oddly hilarious personality traits leading to some creative hijinks even if it is just chasing people in and out of the house. Shockingly fun, if maybe by mistake or not.


Since the book release I would like to take back the comment about the movie being made for little money. It’s irrelevant, because on comparison to most of the movies I review, the budget was quiet average, but just a lot dumber.

Id also like to add a big thank you to all those hilarious 80s panties that horror movie sorority girls had to wear. The girls in this movie are perticularly sassy and funny and I want to thank them for all they went through. Good old 80s sorority horror.


Watch it on Riff Trax but Im serious when I say the movie is funny on it’s own to.