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Over the weekend of films the awards of the DUMBTASTIC AWAY goes to CAMP DEATH 3 in 2D which was early on for a small crowd but those there seemed blown away by its shocking absurdity. One audience member said it felt like  Alejandro Jodorowsky joined up with Tex Avery and made a Friday the 13th sequel.  The basic plot is a slasher that losts its parts 1 and 2 lost in its own bizarre gags and cartoon humor and logic piling up jokes that is willing to insult everyone equally. Imagine if an 80s kids show made a slasher and adult swim writers added in the rude language. Imagine a hipster improve team was given hard drugs. The movie does admit it is stupid… and it is. 

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The Shocktastic award went to House Shark. A phantom shark haunts a mans house as a very odd cast of characters form an unusual bound to go into the house and hunt the mysterious shark down. In what ended up being a spoof of the Shark genre in totally making it necessary to ever watch another shark movie again. I was sure it was going to be Clownado and it came a close runner up with a lot of first timers in the audience,  However Ron Bonk of House Shark wins the award for the second year in a row. At almost 2 hours I thought it would be too long for most people but the responses were very positive and the laughs kept rolling. One audience member said it was “Charmingly rude”. Order your copy of the DVD from SRS Cinema now!


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House Shark (2018)

Finally got myself a copy of House Shark. Before I can explain this movie you need to know SHE KILLS from the same makers and same cast. What is most impressive is how the actors play almost polar opposites of their characters from She Kills this time round. For basically DIY C grade actors that have only appeared in there own films they are showing more range than most of hollywood all together. She Kills was a sick and twisted spoof on revenge films and House Shark is a dirty joke spoof of monsters movies in general not just jaws but a kick in the nut to the entire overdone shark genre. The monster does not need to be a shark as its just a hilarious monster. It’s the group of three guys stuck in the house that each play extremely over the top completely bizarre characters. It’s those characters that make the movie. The characters Frank, Zachary and Abraham are hilarious but so relatable in anyway. I hope these actors branch out into more comedy so we can see what they can do. However there insane ways of talking is so bizarre sometimes you cant even understand them. Also the butt and poop humor is soooo over the top you will feel that the goal of this movie was to get in the world records for the one film that says the word anus more than any other film. The word anus is said so much that it stops having any meaning.  It is mentioned so much you feel it will end up having a secret meaning but the secret is that butts are just funny and the word anus is even funnier. House Shark it’s what’s for breakfast, you need and you crave it but it will probably rot your teeth.   Am I making any sense? I think this movies ridiculousness has melted my brain a little… is this real life?

Not as smart as She Kills but after you finally see the Shark it is a straight out wacky comedy that even a prude would have to laugh at its dirty jokes and one liners. Two fins up… up a butt.