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Watching now… been curious along time, hilariously worth the wait . Im sure behind on reviews. I will take a day this week to write a few in a row

The Midnight Hour (1985)

Fun made for tv Halloween flick. I love horror but halloween needs a lil magic fantasy in it too. This movie is alot of. Lavar Burton for the win.  

Fun cast for a Halloween mainstays playing off the classic American 50s “taken your girl to the drive in , in your big car listening to Wolfman Jack playing The Last Kiss during a spooky movie” type of vibe. As the dead awaken on all Hallows eve in this little town full of picket fences when a Salem era witch comes back to life and crashs a house party.  Humor with some straight faced spookiness. 

Wolfman Jack appears as him self , 

Shari Belafonte looks great as one of the main centres of the film and Kurtwood Smith as the town sherriff is perfect. 

Also genre legend Kevin McCarthy being the same thing and yet perfect as he is in ever role he plays.

Simply a great mixed hollywood.. and “off” hollywood cast.

Basically it’s like Night of the Demons if it was a family film. Great for the season .

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