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Grave Encounters (2011)

We watched Grave Encounters tonight a Terrible Toonie Tuesday… why cause I love it. Most likeable cast in a found footage spook house flick out there.. forget the sequel. Cheesie jump scares and dumb haunted fun, no deep dark relatable metaphors that I ain’t got time for when Im watching with friends. Just some ghost hunters that I relate to. That’s all I need for Halloween and that’s all the review you get because if you join our monthly screening club youd find out how good it was to.  Goodnight… great night.

 BOO 🙂

Lance looks like Jay and Matt of the Purple Podcast mixed into one person.

Its 2 am.. .so if your up and your mind is a drift I have compiled a list of movies that I screened at Terrible Toonie Tuesday OR Terrible Two Day Fest that are NOW available on Tubitv .. you can now watch back to back in order of when I screened then (NOTE THEY ALL APPEARED ON TUBI AFTER I SCREENED THEM… weird)

NIGHTBEAST, AXE GIANT, NEON MANIACS, SEXSQUATCH , GHOSTHOUSE, CEMETERY GATES, HOUSESHARK, NIGHT OF THE BLOODY APES, … night of the bloody apes was just recently added… sooomebodies watching me….more true than you think… Enjoy the binge watch

Uh oh we’re back baby.. bad movies in the face of God!


Short films and intro party from 6 30 till 7 30.

7 30 CarousHELL

9 Moopet Pastor

10 Mystery Bonus

Saturday from 3 till 6 is a geek swap / Vhs swap

Saturday at 6 30 is Camp Death 3 in 2D

8 is House Shark

10 is Clownado

Each feature is only 2 dollars. This weekend at Eyesore Cinema Toronto 1176 Bloor st West

Brought to you by Riot at the Movies


Eyesore Cinema in Toronto will be screening to a small crowd CAROUSHELL on Friday the 29th at 7:30 pm and House Shark on Saturday the 30th at 8pm. If you need to have your own copy Eyesore would love to order you the dvd releases of these oddball new movies. And it will save you shipping if you live in Toronto cause we can order direct for you. Spread the love for B movie horror and comedy. Part of the Terrible Two Day Fest Toronto 2019.  Torontos Weirdest Underground festival.


Tonight is the night for twisted Christmas Cheer. I hope that all of you will be here….. oh yeah look at that rhyme …

Number 6 


Spring break from 1983 by Sean S Cunningham. (yep the dude that made Friday the 13th, guess sometimes the teens got to party and die and sometimes they just got to party).  The precursor to movies like revenge of the nerds and a million other American spring break coming of age comedies (often produced by Canadians) Two not so cool guys Adam and Nelson go to Fort Lauderdale and end up stuck sharing a room with two much more cool party guys. They learn from each other if not exactly get along . The not so cool guys are the main part of the movie and look like as if the twins from Suite life of ZAck and Cody grew up to be scrawny nerd pervs on spring break.. which I am pretty sure they did. Its odd cause the film is definitely fun and full of beer, partying and surprising gorgeous babes even despite the awful 80s hair. Its a real middle point in the plethora of films just like this. Its not as wacky and cartoony as Screwballs and not as uncomfortably real as say Last American Virgin or Porkys. Very silly fun that dates its self because teenagers these days don’t party like this and when they do awful shit seems to happen. A refreshing laugh that is not haunted by dark truths. Also most cute. It does weird me out cause I expect a horror movie to eventually happen cause its filmed alot like Friday the 13th part 3… so obviously having nothing  to do with the Sean Cunningham connection.. also feels like Nightmare beach, but alas no killer on a motorcycle. There is a little rich man and his stupid henchman caper as a small back story because one of the nerdy guys is running away from his rich step dad. Its reminiscent of Frankie Avalon movies but there are way too many boobies in this movie to feel too much like that. Oh man then they see the all girl rock band.. damn.. that singer.. that cat suit.. “I feel kinda funny” said in my best Garth voice. There is an alligator attack but everyone survives, I would say sadly but these idiot guys in the movie are dumb but you don’t hate em. Maybe  I don’t hate them cause the beer cans to the head and mooning of chicks in this movie reminds me of me.. just less pool parties in my life, I just did it in the streets. Oh there is a guy in a monkey suit lifting weights so that feels like me too. Seriously it does… Aannyways this is a party time dumb film so don’t worry this is definitely not Spring BreakERS. So party on guys… hmmm did made me feel weird that I have been alone watching bad movies all day long. Who wants to play frisbee to some generic 80s rock? Thanks to director Richard Mogg for picking this b movie that is not a bad movie, just for a specific generation and luckily I am old. Double bill with the extra funnier One Crazy summer if you are feeling the summer fun mood. 


– Look! Look at me please! How badass do you think I am, with this off cigarette in my mouth.

– You are a pretty little boy, Augustus Waters!