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Tuesday, November 19, 2019 at 8:00 PM  @ EYESORE CINEMA in TORONTO brought to you by Riot at the movies

Perhaps the weirdest film to screen at the 2019 Terrible Twoday fest in March is back in a new extended cut aka the Unreleased stupidity cut.  This cut is now streaming online but we are screening it for one night only and we want YOU in the madness.  Early screening for the extended madness. Arrive on time to see first Todd Sheets new short film that will be part of next HI Death 3 film next year.
It is PWYC and ALL proceeds go to the CAMH winter clothing drive. So bring your money or bring a pack of socks for the winter needy.


Well the choice is made. EYES Of THE WEREWOLF is this Tuesday . When I posted this picture years ago the star Stephanie Beaton commented on my post saying this “This movie did suck. and the werewolf was awful. Then we shogtit in 3D. What was the director thinking? LOL:” So she didn’t like it but will you? Warning boobie filled movie and hilarious gore efx. 9 o clock this tuesday at Eyesore. For only a dollar. Pre show at 8 will be cartoon episodes of Godzilla in honor of Kaijuly



Small crowd for Terrible Toonie Tuesday but all good people. And Good people deserve bad movies. Here is my review of our God versus the Devil screening party tonight… hold on to your holy butts. Bibleman live was a live kids show to keep kids about the bible through superheros. Based off a series of vhs tapes that brought us over 30 episodes of Bibleman adventures. What we learned was the Bibleman Live Dvd was in fact in the beat up case from Honest Eds. We also learned Bibleman was played by the younger Pastor Robert Schlipp , who made several live Dvds of Bibleman. It was not actor Willie Ames (best bud of Scott Baio) who played him in the series. We heckled the hell out of the video , to a level that was wonderfully sacrilegious. The confused children in the crowd shouts of the live stage show was almost as fun as the audience shots of the kids that loved the 90s homaging songs. The cheese level was only surpassed by the impressive budget the stage show add. Also Biblemans new villain Rapscalian P Sinister was obviously way cooler than Bibleman. We also see Cypher the tech guy for Bibleman and his sidekick Bible girl who are from the same actors from the series however Cypher only appears in video form as he was probably trying hard to get another job while the tour was on. After Bibleman was over a few more people joined our little party and we watched the Exorcist spoof Teenage Exorcist which makes me realise these three things.. Brinke Stevens is too cute to play the roles she played , The theme song is soooo much better than the movie and even a half finished products are ok with Fred Olen Ray as he does look at the films he produces. Brinke is funny as hell , infact her whole cast is sadly the last quarter falls apart and makes you forget the quality humor and pacing the movie starts with.. oh well you can’t win them all… oh yeah and hail Satan. Next months event is TBD , so have faith!

Annabelle came to visit Eyesore Cinema tonight during day one of the Toronto Indie Horror fest. Warnerbros may not be indie but they stopped by to give their support and let us take some silly photos. Especially when Annabelle met Eyesores own mascot Pancake boy

Uh oh we’re back baby.. bad movies in the face of God!

Remember this ??? Well next week on the 14th at 9pm sharp at Eyesore Cinema we will be playing the BRAND NEW Music video by counter culture legends GREEN JELLO… before the public gets to see it…. WHat what… you better joooiinnn usss. The music video will be followed by a special screening of one of the infamously worst movies of all time…. time to have some fun!

Arrive at 8 and see the original home made comedy of Moopet Pastor!