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The Masked Mutilator (2019-1994)

Intervision finds and delivers to us with another rare zero budget piece of magic and creepy weirdness. 

A film started in 1994 that fell apart then just this past year was given modern day bookends to help make the unfinished film make … sort of sense.

A large burly wrestler retires from wrestling after going to far in the ring and now is a bodyguard / drill sergeant for a bunch of whacked out teens in a house for delinquents. He seems a little too rough and tough on these messed up teens however the teens seem pretty large and tough on their owns. 

Someone else may be even more rough then he is though. A very similar large man is taking out extreme vengeance on these brats dressed in a wrestler mask, this time the punishment is death and their will be no tapping out (ooww i like that, they should have hired me to make the tag line for the blu ray). Is it the drill sergeant losing what little marbles he has left? Or is it something even more fiendish?

Shot like a bad self help tape or instructional video makes you have a feel like something is going to go wrong at any moment. This helps to the effect of these novice actors and makes you feel like there is something worse going on behind their eyes. The 80s burly guys in this movie are all nasty that even fans of bear porn would be uncomfortable with these dudes that make the Brooklyn Brawler seems handsome.  

You might recognise short time wrestler turn Troma actor Brick Bronsky as one of the more beefy characters in the film and his acting stands out. A Troma actor out acting the rest of the cast.. hmmm that should give you an idea of the acting caliber in this movie. However the broken editing of unfinished scenes and random use of ugly people just getting aggressive with each other does make you get lost in the film, making you feel like you are trapped in an anti drug video that just makes you want to take drugs. 


This movie is very ugly and odd but I couldn’t look away from the tacky sleaziness of this movie going nowhere. Like Gummo meets Don’t go in the Basement… If you know those films that still might not make any sense unless you see Masked Mutilator. 

Less about wrestling and more about the sickness of child services and people putting people in choke holds.. more choke holds then the LA police department. 


Lots of info in the extra features on the dvd, as Severin / Intervision is known to do. However this is not for the rookie b movie fan. You have to like sleaze trash that gets you into whatever weird mind is behind a backyard film maker. If you are not into that you may wonder just what the fuck is going on and want to tap out right away.  If your a real wrestling fan you may also be confused on the seriousness of this movie buuuttt you will cheer out loud and laugh when someone gets a chair shot later in the movie. … well I laughed. Most wrestling fans are pretty much sickos as well, so they might like this movie.

Not your usual killer wrestler movie and I am glad. I love wrestling but Wrestler horror movies have not been very good… this movie isn’t “good” either but it’s a dark weird ugly treasure that fits wonderfully in my collection of cursed artifacts.