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Eat and Run (1986)

I bought this fairly warped vhs tape for 50 cents and a friends garage sale. The very warped effects on the tape kind of added to the oddity of this lil gem that I had the honor or watching for the first time ever. 

My friend said he did not remember every watching so he doubted it could be that good. But it seemed up my alley.

Only in a Mad magazine and National lampoons loving mid 80s world could this movie be born. Film professionally but at the same time an underground comedy that makes the most questionable of jokes in both taste and quality. 

Ron Silver.. yes that Ron Silver folks plays a cop that is basically a young Frank Drebben of Police Squad that is hunting down a fat alien dressed in a tweed suit who likes to eat Italian.. yes like the vhs tape says he eats Italian people. Basically all you need to know other then the fact that the fat alien dressed like a nerd is played by the evil mayor from the first Toxic Avenger movie and has some solid comedy timing without actually speaking in words but in grunts.

The comedy is a time capsule of trash comedy. In the vain of movies like Night Patrol, Fast Food and Screw Balls we get childish puns and dumb gags mixed with outlandish takes on the American Judicial system and mental health. Neither subjects are suiting of this film , which I think the film is aware of but just doesn’t give a shit as this is a movie about a fat nerd alien eating people in upper New Jersey and little Italy New York.

Ron Silvers character has running gags of always speaking in out loud monologue form, getting stuck in weird alliteration puns in ways that would make classic comics like Danny Kay cringe and then the next second goes into awkward raunchy humor of how he cant give a woman and orgasm and deciding if a racist old lady is funny or not while random people get hit by cars in the background.  Very fucking odd indeed.  Bless you Ron.. bless you.

Imagine if Jerry Lewis, Woody Allen has sex with the Zucker Brothers , Lloyd Kaufman and the Unknown comic… then drink heavily because really did you want to visualize that? I hope not. 

Totally worth the 50 cents.

The Midnight Hour (1985)

Fun made for tv Halloween flick. I love horror but halloween needs a lil magic fantasy in it too. This movie is alot of. Lavar Burton for the win.  

Fun cast for a Halloween mainstays playing off the classic American 50s “taken your girl to the drive in , in your big car listening to Wolfman Jack playing The Last Kiss during a spooky movie” type of vibe. As the dead awaken on all Hallows eve in this little town full of picket fences when a Salem era witch comes back to life and crashs a house party.  Humor with some straight faced spookiness. 

Wolfman Jack appears as him self , 

Shari Belafonte looks great as one of the main centres of the film and Kurtwood Smith as the town sherriff is perfect. 

Also genre legend Kevin McCarthy being the same thing and yet perfect as he is in ever role he plays.

Simply a great mixed hollywood.. and “off” hollywood cast.

Basically it’s like Night of the Demons if it was a family film. Great for the season .

Thank you to the small but amazingly awesome group of funny weirdos that came to Terrible Toonie Tuesday tonight. You seemed to really like the movie and you guys made it even more fun. Thanks to Andy O’Neal for the goodes bags. We have 2 shows next month.. I hope you are all ready…. OH yeah and if you missed it here is the Teaser trailer for the backyard movie we have been making called Assault on the Snakemen… coming soon..ish… if I can get around to editing it 😛 new lappy coming soon so movie coming soon after that. Get your sssnnnnnake one. 


The Dark Power (1987)

  A lazy review tonight of a movie I reviewed in my first published book of bad movie reviews. Dark Power has college kids getting attacked by a group of zombies of the Tolteks native tribe, who look like they should team up with the Neon Maniacs. Im watching on Riff Trax because I have a head ache and riff trax is like lube for badmovies. Who I I kidding, I love this awful movie.

Here’s what I said in my book (a shameless plug for it’s available on Amazon called The Weird Book of Bad Movies )


The Dark Power: A weird little movie made for no money in the 80s with a guest appearance of classic western actor Lash La Rue, drunkenly mumbling his way through his lines. A group of college kids share a house that is built on an Indian burial ground (yep I know you’ve heard that one before). A good portion of the film is getting to know the dorky crew that live in the house and the weird people in the town. That goes on for so long you almost forget that.. yes.. this is a zombie monster movie. The spirits of the Shamans buried near by rise from the graves, each with their own weird and oddly hilarious personality traits leading to some creative hijinks even if it is just chasing people in and out of the house. Shockingly fun, if maybe by mistake or not.


Since the book release I would like to take back the comment about the movie being made for little money. It’s irrelevant, because on comparison to most of the movies I review, the budget was quiet average, but just a lot dumber.

Id also like to add a big thank you to all those hilarious 80s panties that horror movie sorority girls had to wear. The girls in this movie are perticularly sassy and funny and I want to thank them for all they went through. Good old 80s sorority horror.


Watch it on Riff Trax but Im serious when I say the movie is funny on it’s own to.

Banana Splits (2019)

A twisted sort of Parody for the 70s classics kids show now turned into a made for cable horror movie  …. Guess what? ….. I loved it? 

70s kids icons 

DROOPER, SNORKY, BINGO, FLEEGLE but thinks are not like they used to be…. ohhhh myyyy….

It’s dumb and extremely illogical while playing off horror cliches buuuuut it is simple and fun. It does not pander to the audience and feel the need to justify it’s illogical decisions. It’s twisted version of a kids show barely anyone remembers… it knows its dumb .. BUT the movie has the guts to play it straight and not make it a joke, knowing fine and well that the concept is funny enough without making a joke to bring you in on it. If you don’t get it it’s just not for you. Sure you will laugh and ask out loud why the banana splits are actually robots and not guys in costumes ( I mean if its a kids show that is just not a very cost effective thing to do). In story the world knows the show is the world’s most impressive robots and I no point does anyone think thats impressive or odd. Also in the first 30 minutes we meet the weirdest mix of pulp culture stereotypes that all seem to love this very dated kids show of singing mascot animals. If this unexplained character elements or too “unreal” or “unbelievable” for you well then you were never going to enjoy a movie about killer robot mascots on a massacre anyways. It takes a long time for the killing to start and the first kill is a off screen kill, which made me upset but not to worry it was a red herring because short moments after that its sweet intestine pulling and limb ripping practical effects gorey glory.  Bizarre enough to not make it scary but brutal and harsh enough for you to be shocked it’s being done by an orange fluffy money called Bingo. Made eerier by the robot splits odd moral logic compass that honestly makes this silly movie creepy. 

The main cast are not important but the people get killed and you will approve. I hope you approve of this bonkers pop piece of comedy horror like I did.. tra la la…. Eat your heart out 5 nights at Freddy you fucks got a mix of Robo Chucky and some stoner retro laugh and a bucket of blood that made you out classed….. tra la la la la hahahahahahahahhaahahahahahaha. 

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We try to figure out what’s more important: Being a Ghost, Being a Dad, or Being a Ghost Dad? Spoiler Alert: It’s none of those things. And Jay Delta learns an important lesson about molestation and how his x-ray technician might be doing it to him.

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Leprechaun Returns (2018)

Directed by SFX guy Steve Kostanski that rocked the world when he directed The Void. Well everybody needs a pay day right? 

The issue with the new Leprechaun film is … it’s not that bad.. infact it is pretty good.  When you are taking over an existing franchise you have to rock it off its ass or you have to be so bad that at least everyone will talk about it. After so many years of Warwick Davis playing the evil killer Leprechaun fans were pretty upset that he was being replaced due to SyFy network budgets. However honestly Linden Porco did a pretty good job. His witty banter was funny and well timed even if it did sound like they were tweaking his voice to sound like an impression of Warwick.  When the young people are getting killed the Leprechaun the film is also pretty dead on with creativity and good spills of blood. I cant say much for the teens as actors as some of them felt like victims of the time and maybe not the best script.

 Maybe the issue is people’s expectations or maybe its going back to 80s/90s comedic horror is hard to go back to. It’s not dick / shit and shock jokes like most comedies of now and it is also not dry and dark like most horror of now. So maybe the audience just doesn’t get it … OR maybe the negative reviews I read when it first aired on the SyFy network in December were just assholes on the internet. I am not sure. My fav of the franchise is part 4 in space  and it is honestly just stupid and ridiculous. Everyone these days talk about Leprechaun BACK 2 the Hood. I am sure people talk about that just because of the title and they never actually say it because Back 2 the Hood is much weaker than “In the Hood” and Warwick seems pretty tired by that movie. This new simpler sequel brings a lot more life and simple “just do it” attitude. It is pretty basic.. a bunch of teens go to fix up the old run down house from the first movie and reawaken the monster… etc etc.. you know how it goes. Yeah it feels more like a generic slasher sequel (which to me is a good thing). Some are drunks, some are bitches and some are jocks trying to get laid so your not morning too much when they are killed. About half the cast is pretty unlikeable and has some pretty weak ass dialogue but thats never stopped me from loving a comedic slasher before anyways.  Definitely some of the cast screams of trying too hard but the other half of the cast are not that bad ( however not good enough to make up for the annoying ones, I am not pointing fingers though). 

I guess people had so much love for the franchise… who knew? As in the long run this was a tv special spin off that to me just spends too much time referencing similar horror films (Army of Darkness jokes and Ghostbuster winks) . I really wish there was not a “film student character” I am super tired of those characters as only film geeks can relate or else you just gotta mock the guy. So it makes nerds like me self hate I guess … c’est la vie… I am thinking waayyyy too deep into this movie. 

I like Steve the director. Met him a few times and even “borrowed” a prop from him for one of my DIY movies (I won’t say what it was though). So maybe I am bias but you can tell this was a easy job for fun and he made it fun for himself while still showing his talent of ripping out stomachs and squashing heads with a funny little green demon.  It just came out on DVD and well its worth owning cause it is usually really cheap, but I would say it was more of a rental. Its no pot of gold but it is a good cheap laugh and I would love to see more simple dumb fun movies getting funded like this more… but I am a sicko who really loves Pumpkinhead 2 Blood Wings, so what do I know.