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Banana Splits (2019)

A twisted sort of Parody for the 70s classics kids show now turned into a made for cable horror movie  …. Guess what? ….. I loved it? 

70s kids icons 

DROOPER, SNORKY, BINGO, FLEEGLE but thinks are not like they used to be…. ohhhh myyyy….

It’s dumb and extremely illogical while playing off horror cliches buuuuut it is simple and fun. It does not pander to the audience and feel the need to justify it’s illogical decisions. It’s twisted version of a kids show barely anyone remembers… it knows its dumb .. BUT the movie has the guts to play it straight and not make it a joke, knowing fine and well that the concept is funny enough without making a joke to bring you in on it. If you don’t get it it’s just not for you. Sure you will laugh and ask out loud why the banana splits are actually robots and not guys in costumes ( I mean if its a kids show that is just not a very cost effective thing to do). In story the world knows the show is the world’s most impressive robots and I no point does anyone think thats impressive or odd. Also in the first 30 minutes we meet the weirdest mix of pulp culture stereotypes that all seem to love this very dated kids show of singing mascot animals. If this unexplained character elements or too “unreal” or “unbelievable” for you well then you were never going to enjoy a movie about killer robot mascots on a massacre anyways. It takes a long time for the killing to start and the first kill is a off screen kill, which made me upset but not to worry it was a red herring because short moments after that its sweet intestine pulling and limb ripping practical effects gorey glory.  Bizarre enough to not make it scary but brutal and harsh enough for you to be shocked it’s being done by an orange fluffy money called Bingo. Made eerier by the robot splits odd moral logic compass that honestly makes this silly movie creepy. 

The main cast are not important but the people get killed and you will approve. I hope you approve of this bonkers pop piece of comedy horror like I did.. tra la la…. Eat your heart out 5 nights at Freddy you fucks got a mix of Robo Chucky and some stoner retro laugh and a bucket of blood that made you out classed….. tra la la la la hahahahahahahahhaahahahahahaha.