Category: bad movie summer

This one was a surprising treat.

The monster and the stripper aka the Exotic ones from 1968 by Ron Ormond. Swinging cheeky flick that I thought by be the second nudie cutie of the night but is a legit sleaze monster movie. Probably at the time was considered a real shocking flick. The opening scene is an infomercial for New Orleans then we cut to a burlesque club with some pretty talent acts.. that we watch all the way through to pad the time out. Then when the legend of a louisiana swamp monster they call Swamp Thing gets capture they use him as an added attraction at the strip show (cause  you know what other logical thing would you do with an 8 foot tall swamp cave man). The swamp thing played by a rockabilly performer called Sleep La beef (great name) . An interesting factoid of the director whose style feels like the worse of al adamson (random dancer filler,) roger corman (the wacky hair and styles), herschell gordon lewis (there is some legit bloody deaths including a super weird mutilated cow in this flick) wrapped all together. The same year this movie was released he was in a plane crash that he barely survived but after coming out of it pledged his films to god and made things for Christians… what a bummer. Also hang in for the amazing filled scene of two performers playing novelty harmonicas.. it will make you say what the fuck.