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The Masked Mutilator (2019-1994)

Intervision finds and delivers to us with another rare zero budget piece of magic and creepy weirdness. 

A film started in 1994 that fell apart then just this past year was given modern day bookends to help make the unfinished film make … sort of sense.

A large burly wrestler retires from wrestling after going to far in the ring and now is a bodyguard / drill sergeant for a bunch of whacked out teens in a house for delinquents. He seems a little too rough and tough on these messed up teens however the teens seem pretty large and tough on their owns. 

Someone else may be even more rough then he is though. A very similar large man is taking out extreme vengeance on these brats dressed in a wrestler mask, this time the punishment is death and their will be no tapping out (ooww i like that, they should have hired me to make the tag line for the blu ray). Is it the drill sergeant losing what little marbles he has left? Or is it something even more fiendish?

Shot like a bad self help tape or instructional video makes you have a feel like something is going to go wrong at any moment. This helps to the effect of these novice actors and makes you feel like there is something worse going on behind their eyes. The 80s burly guys in this movie are all nasty that even fans of bear porn would be uncomfortable with these dudes that make the Brooklyn Brawler seems handsome.  

You might recognise short time wrestler turn Troma actor Brick Bronsky as one of the more beefy characters in the film and his acting stands out. A Troma actor out acting the rest of the cast.. hmmm that should give you an idea of the acting caliber in this movie. However the broken editing of unfinished scenes and random use of ugly people just getting aggressive with each other does make you get lost in the film, making you feel like you are trapped in an anti drug video that just makes you want to take drugs. 


This movie is very ugly and odd but I couldn’t look away from the tacky sleaziness of this movie going nowhere. Like Gummo meets Don’t go in the Basement… If you know those films that still might not make any sense unless you see Masked Mutilator. 

Less about wrestling and more about the sickness of child services and people putting people in choke holds.. more choke holds then the LA police department. 


Lots of info in the extra features on the dvd, as Severin / Intervision is known to do. However this is not for the rookie b movie fan. You have to like sleaze trash that gets you into whatever weird mind is behind a backyard film maker. If you are not into that you may wonder just what the fuck is going on and want to tap out right away.  If your a real wrestling fan you may also be confused on the seriousness of this movie buuuttt you will cheer out loud and laugh when someone gets a chair shot later in the movie. … well I laughed. Most wrestling fans are pretty much sickos as well, so they might like this movie.

Not your usual killer wrestler movie and I am glad. I love wrestling but Wrestler horror movies have not been very good… this movie isn’t “good” either but it’s a dark weird ugly treasure that fits wonderfully in my collection of cursed artifacts.

TubiTV Canada started streaming some movies by Richard Mogg the maker from Bigfoot Ate my boyfriend… followers should remember that one. They added his movies Easter Bunny Massacre and Massage Parlor of Death… true backyard comedy cheese wonders . Richard knows about cheese and no budget horror. You should check out his book Analog Nightmares as well.

More B movie inspired doodling 

Been doing some random doodling lately, I think I am dieing for a chance to be creative and less normal

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Happy 65th B day to the b movie grandpappi of em all. Gilman him self The Creature from the Black Lagoon turns 65 today!

Well… maybe this needs to play at the 2019 Terrible Toonie Two Day fest… what do you think?

Released 25 yrs ago today and still a totally underrated gore party of oddity!

Brian Yuzna’s B movies are really something special and they deserve way more credit.  A farce of  Romeo and Juliet in a LA gang territory battle caught up with the military and an all out zombie monster breakout.  One of the rare gore flicks where someone pulls off their own head. 

Memories of that sexy zombie having full size cutouts in local video stores. Sexy indeed yet her hunger for brain and self harm was an uncomfortable new twist on the genre. Shocking she would later play the main rich bitch bad woman from the O C.


Tonights Screening at Eyesore adds to the 31 DAYS OF HALLOWEENERS!


A Japanese haunted house flick that has some very pleasant surprises.

It was in a co promotion with a video game of the same name in the same year that has ties to the people who would later bring us Resident Evil.

Because of this fact I was expecting some very wacky ghost hijinks but that is not the fact. Definitely inspired by many western ghost stories and films. While still having many heaven and hell references in both eastern and western culture references this film was definitely inspired by Poltergeist. Small and sweet and first with some lightly humorous characters soons turns to some very epic magical horror. The blowing winds and bright lights with warped ghostly images while a young daughters life being pulled over to the otherside…you know like in Poltergeist.  Director Kiyosi Kurosawa tends to lead towards bleeding dark shadows and distorted red lights instead Tobe Hooper’s go to electric blue lights. The premise of the film also feels a little ahead of its time as a film crew enter a haunted house just to film the old paintings and relics in the mansion but eventually get attacked by a vicious dark and somewhat faceless presence in the house. The film crews producer Mr Kazou has brought his daughter Emi with him to the mansion. Emi is determined to hook up her widower father with the film crews co producer Akiko. Akiko and Emi are very strong female leads that really are all you need in this movie however with a small cast each character feels like they have a place and are very easy to relate to.

It starts off very slow but when it kicks it and the first victims are taken its so intense a scene that you are thrown right out of your seat. A slightly spoiler but the victims of the evil shadowy poltergeists must go through a burning that symbolises the tortue the spirits went through. So the victims bubbles and burn to even over flow like lava from their bodies, which is shockingly gorey for such a literally happy fantasy of a movie. There is a huge animatronic ghost later in the movie that by today’s snobby film nerd will either feel like a giant muppet to you or will feel much more tangible then a cgi effect would do today. If you are like me you will be refreshed by this practical effect movie. Simple effects of moving shadows that make the wall crawling ghost of movies like Frighteners seen weak on comparison.  

All in all Sweet Home is a underappreciated gimmick of a film that mixes western and eastern haunted imagery with incredible practical effects and it is a shame that it does not get talked about anywhere near enough.

Great screening with a small crowd again tonight but I hope we see you all on video store day this freakin Saturday!!!

31 days of Halloweeners

JACK-O (1995)

I always thought this was even older then 1995.  Anyways I have spoken about this movie to death… read my first book on bad movies it is definitely in there on how it introduced me and addicted me on home made horror crapola.

Hilarious cheap and feels like a bad nickelodeon kids horror movie except we sees boobs and people get brutally killed with the most cliche homemade gore gags.

A little boy, played by the director sons and who looks like he hates doing anything in this movie, is haunted by the family curse of the killer pumpkin man. Some how he stops the pumpkin man after a few random neighbours are killed on halloween night. How he does it is not important just know it feels like a Canadian made for tv movie in the 80s but shockingly isn’t. One actress won her role in the movie on the Phil Donahue show as a P R stunt for this no budget movie and for an excuse to not have to pay an actress. 

Best parts are the legendary scream queen Linnea Quigley as the babysitter that has a no reason show. Quigley looking in that odd random of sometimes looks 21 other seconds looks 49. Odd. I love her so though 🙂

Then the cameos by two legends of b film that had been dead for years as they cut in scenes of Cameron Mitchell and John Carradine. Carradine is in fact a major part of the plot and they speak his his ghosts, which is obviously blurred in his face from another movie and dubbing over random dialog.


Fred Olen Ray produced it but basically as a way to use no money and get his name on Phil Donahue in a horror movie mix media stunt. He obviously didn’t care what actually happened to the film. Thus leading to a dvd release 20 years later and having one of the worst commentary track ever. Search youtube as it has the commentary track on it and you hear Olen ray seem to get into a legit fight with the director. It is amazingly awkward. Almost as amazingly awkward as the awful performance by one of the worst child actors ever. I think the kid hated doing it so much he is pouting and not acting on purpose to upset his dad. Or he was sedated on heavy drugs.. one of those two is the right answer I am sure of it.


I screened it tonight to the secret film club at Eyesore. Only about 10 people there and all were top notch regulars though. Remind me not to have a film partying gathering the same night the Laserblast guys do I guess… waahhh waahhhh. Smallest audience I think I have had yet. I hope that is not a sign of the time. But even if it is it was a great audience that totally got it and enjoyed it. Also kudos to the two raffle prize winners and Andy for bringing extra halloween goodie bags to go along with all the candy and junk food I brought to the party. Hope to see you wacky people again soon. Gatherings for B cheesy horror films are the best. 


Halloween is in full effect now.