Author: Lars Boegild Thomsen

Ed Wood’s Glen or Glenda from 1953.

This flick is less well known than Plan 9 From Outer Space, but in many ways it is a much better movie.  In fact, it might not even really qualify to be on this site.

We do however adore Ed’s work, so here we go in all it’s glory – Ed Wood coming out in public as a full blown transvestite.  And in fact that is the fascinating thing about Ed Wood.  His enthusiasm and willingness to go all the way to get his movie done.  Ed Wood is NOT about talent – he is all about enthusiasm and drive.

We are proud to present Ed Wood’s amazing Plan 9 From Outer Space.

For years this one was firmly listed as one of the 2-3 worst movies on IMDB.  Having developed something of a cult following it is sadly no longer rated at the absolute bottom.