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Battle Beyond the Stars (1980)

This was just added to the streaming services at and wow is it a stinker but it has an amazing list of has been cameo actors each with their own little side stories and worlds. The Battle for the Stars should be referencing that all the cast were stars in some shape or form even if none of them were major stars. The main point of the story is just another Corman star wars ripp off but instead of hiring han solo it’s a whole movie about hiring random mercenaries which is more about that search than the battle itself. Like Star Wars meets Suicide Squad.

 These Star Wars ripp offs that Corman made would be so much more acceptable if they didn’t all use the same theme song. Great song but Sorceress, Space Raiders and a few more use this same damn song which comes off seeming so silly.  The random pre used alien costumes are laughable as well. Mixing character designs from the era of Hercules 2 and Star Crash mixed with Shape of things to come and Airplane 2 .. seriously it’s that mixed up. Made in 1980 with some characters looking as cheap as the original Star Trek (check out George Peppard as a space cowboy)

When the crew of mercenaries finally form all looking and feeling like they come from separate comic book series. It does feel like a wild marvel cross over in space. Which sounds better than it really is. Then the battle happens and well yeah its pretty much like every other grindhouse sci fi then. 

Sit back and watch into deep space with John Boy Walton is the fake Luke Skywalker that has to grow up fast and lead a bunch of anti heros to save his planet from being destroyed by the evil alien John Saxon.

 I am shocked it took me this long to see this movie even that it isn’t that special it is a must for 80s schlock completists.