What candy do you hate getting the most at Hal…

What candy do you hate getting the most at Halloween?

These Molasses kiss Halloween candy little bastards.

 Its annoying cause they look so cool and next to Candy Corn they are the purest Halloween candy there is. They are iconic. But they have next to no flavor and often so hard as a rock that you will shatter your face on them if you accidentally bite down.

What is extra weird is once in a while you will get some that you can actually chew without it welding your teeth together. That is when you stop and say out loud  … “Wait why is this batch ok? Does that mean something was wrong with all the millions of others I have tried?

I am getting so old I would take those mini boxes of raisins over these anyday.

My girlfriend loves these and Rockets (or what Americans call Smarties , we have a better candy called Smarties) . Just bland and boring to me. 

However my girlfriend loves both Molasses candy and rockets, which makes me think my girlfriend is a 65 yr old in disguise as a young woman.

Give me chocolate or give me death!