Every year a different Halloween retro tv sp…

Every year a different Halloween retro tv special warms my heart. I have already talked about Punky Brewster and the Fall guy this year.. but what about Knight Rider

Knight Rider Halloween special “Halloween Knight” 1984

Halloween 3 was made in 1982 but someone at the set of Knight Rider in 1984 was stealing some old props. 

When a woman witnesses a man in a gorilla suit kill another man at a pre Halloween party she calls Knight Rider to help find the killer. Michael attends a different Halloween party and weird hallucinations seem to be tricking everyone as if it is a haunting or do they want to make the murder witness look like she is crazy. 

Yeah it’s Knight Rider, I love it, but it was never the best written plot. They really had to shoe horn KITT into the plot. 


But what is awesome is that Knight Rider Michael Knight needs to have a costume and ridiculously he kinda dresses up as Colonel Sanders. But for the Halloween party and we see the famous Halloween 3 masks. Bonnie the murder witness brings a date who may be the killer or he may be the next victim. Her date chooses to wear the infamous pumpkin mask from Halloween 3 and mixes it with a tuxedo. Now Michael Knight does not become Michael Myers and the man in the mask does not either. We worry this guy may be the killer so we hope he will be a killer in that mask. The mask even still has the silver shamrock symbol on it . I would have been so excited to see Michael Knight vs Michael Myers. But at one point the man seems to get sick and all of a sudden my mind went crazy. The whole time I watched this episode I was worried he would be wearing it when the Halloween movie marathon would come on and the guys head would turn into snakes and spiders. Even Kitt wouldn’t be able help. If he wore that mask too long Knight Rider would become  Nightmare…. oh yeah see what I did there.. boo ya Halloween puns bitch! The guys starts to cough and seem woozy with the mask on and literally I said out loud… its happening snakes and bugs head baby! But no Colonel Sanders Michael Knight saves the day. Michael was actually supposed to be Red Butler from Gone with the wind but fuck it in my mind he was dressed as Colonel Sanders.

,,,, ok fuck it what am I doing watching Knight Rider on my day off work. 

Fuck it I am gonna watch David Hasselhoff’s tv movie Murder on the London Bridge where he fights the ghost of Jack the Ripper in the dumbest scenario possible…. I love this shit.