31 days of HALLOWEENERS!

31 days of HALLOWEENERS!

Night of the Comet (1984)

Spend every day like the Night of the Comet . Be friends with who you meet cause they may be the last people you meet then spend the rest of the time wrecking the mall and shooting random cars cause fuck it why not.

All the classic tropes of Last Man on Earth, Dawn of the Dead, I am Legend and so on. Coming years before Shaun of the Dead is a movie about real average people that wake up one day and the whole world is dead and some are zombies. All because they stared at a comet as it came over town.

The difference with this and many of the zombie movies is the zombies are barely in it. Most die on their own right away. It’s much more like everyone is just dying. Fearing zombies or crazies is totally secondary in this movie. So sorry gore hounds there isn’t really any gore, but its not boring. Just a lighter kind of movie. Light for the end of the world at least.


The cast is excellent most already known genre stars like Mary Woronov and many faces that would become known.  Like Alison from Chopping Mall (who is freakin adorable), Chakotay from Voyager and that little girl from Mr Ts Be Somebody or be somebody’s fool. (brilliant)

Very 80s in the era of American mall culture that will seem unreliable on today’s culture. However if you woke up tomorrow and you were one of only a few people left in the world I think culture would start meaning whatever you wanted it to mean real soon.

My earliest review in weeks and it has Night in the title… ironic?