31 days of Halloweeners

31 days of Halloweeners

The Gate (1987)

The amazing era where children could safely watch a legit horror film with out being screwed up and also not being talked down to either. As enjoyable now as it was then. If you are playing by any of the 31 days of horror category games this fits in to many fields , many of the horror games add options as Creature Feature , cause the monsters in this are awesome from ghouly little goblins to demonic dragons. Also fits in as a great childhood memory cause I am sure we all miss the days when kids could swear and be in real danger in a horror film. ALso for Canadian this fits in the Cancon section. Film in Canada with most of the cast being Canadian , except the main star a tiny Stephen Dorff and the director Tibor Takacs was born in Budapest but his whole career has been living in Canada. Its high fantasy meets poltergeist. Kids open up a portal to hell in the back yard when misreading a cursed record, look for the reference to the metal band the Killer Dwarves. The kids spend the night at home alone while their parents are away and now the house is haunted… by demons!  It is super rare that a movie can be charming, sweet and safe while also legit scary. Many jump and gore “ish” gags are on par with the competition back then like Nightmare on Elm Street, House, a little junior Hellraiser and hell even some Beyond style atmosphere.   From scene with melting phones to melting faces or scenes like a kid stuck in a hole with little goblins that are not attack him but instead just being creepy. To a man that explodes into little demons….


Anyways if you did not grow up with this movie I am sorry but you have to accept you will be jaded from enjoying “Fun” horror . I feel for people that grew up only with cynical late 70s or late 90s horror and they think the Gate is too silly and childish. To that I say you just don’t know fun if it bit you in the ass and curses you to turn into a goblin.

Also stop and think that the innocent star of this movie,13 year old Stephen Dorff, would grow up and become the blood god super Vampire to fight Blade and turn into a blood hurricane. Just dwell on that.