Keeping with the Scream Queen slasher flicks we go back to the 80s where the genre was still fun and not totally ironic. Well actually we just missed the 80s and its 1990. So the irony is starting to happen and self homaging is starting already but its still pretty fun. Gorgeous girls only ruined by their 80s big hair dues and jerk guys just waiting to get killed by both a on the run criminal and a monster in the woods. Teenagers played by 30 year olds go to a cabin and eventually after a lot of padding are going to die. After they either drink or shower and random cops pretend there is a sub plot. 

Actually the whole creature being from hell element with some magically Satanic cave element is super confusing but who cares it’s a monster from Satan so that is hilariously cool. What is important is Boobs and some blood and true sleaze sarcastic horror cliche characters. Filmed close to the quality and style of man lower level slasher of the time like Sorority and Slumber party massacre but still a little cheap as all the sound was done in post. So lots of shots of actors from the side so you cant see them talking as they knew it was all going to be dubbed. Lots of funny scenes that may have been boring padding at the time but comes off funny to people like me now due to the cliche and obvious tactics in hindsight. When your opening scene is a cute girl on her bike distracting cops as a chain gang go rogue and kill people which cuts to the hilarious title and showing the first actresses name of Debra Dutch.. you know you got scream queen quality coming up. Debra has done a lot of stuff but best is Hard to Die.. a true scream queen masterpiece of schlock and roll. If you don’t know that movie we must not have met… cause i talk about it a lot.


Cheese factor heavy… script factor low.. confusing level very high… sleaze just right

Takes a long time to get into the slashing but until then you watch a lot of overcompensating yet completely unironic B movie characters and for me at this thats half the journey. 

Ok tomorrow I think I need to mix it up with the genre, if I’m not careful I am gonna go blind or something