Almost midnight so it’s time to plug myself. I ended up allowing Amazon to sell my book, the overlord Jeff Bezo will just get the money cause I need to literally sell 100 copies before they send me a cheque … sooo since I know that will never happen I won’t take this too seriously. BUT no matter where you are in the world you can now order a copy of my first book (grammar mistakes and nonsense ramblings) ALL ABOUT AWFUL B MOVIES! … anyways order my stinking book physically now from any part of the world for a whopping 9 bucks yankee money.

Anywhere in the world.. no you have no excuse to have the writings of a mad man? Right?  Riiiight? Please don’t die…


well its here… whatchoo gonna do about it?

Relogging because I want you to give your money to Amazon so they can turn into Thanos and the over the world since you geeks seem to feel like fixing the world is needed and feel for a god… so give Amazon your money AND everytime you buy my book at 9 dollars I get 2.50 cents from it.. Then when  I reach 100 bucks they send me a cheque.. SO LETS TAKE OVER THE FUCKING WORLD PEOPLE!! WWWWOOOOOoo

4 copies sold wwwoooo only 40 more to get a cheque from over lord Bezos … I demand Bezos movie!!!  Buy my book and it will cure all the world’s diseases.. only you will go so crazy you wont know you are still dying.