Shakin out the cobwebs.. wow

Another badmovie marathon pitch by you guys has come and gone. Thanks so much for those that requested the movies and those that read the reviews and commented. Feel free to download my e books for more nonsense and donate to my madness. I am hosting a super b movie night in Toronto at eyesore cinema on the 14th , if you are local come and check it out.  I think I need to watch some golden girl dvds to clear my head but honestly on comparison to previous fan picked marathon this one was legit fun all the way through. Even I know who killed me and Assault on Sasquatch are worth watching once. The others are movies that I will definitely watch again or at least have fond memories of. Guess its a good time I didnt charge for votes this time cause it was not as painful as expected. I will never watch Titanic 2 ever again but I’m glad I did once for the sheer stupidity.  See you all again at my next social experiment… I now return to posting pictures of horror movies and or cats.